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Stress & learning to de-stress

Stress & learning to de-stress

Who doesn’t know it?

Everyone has had to deal with stress or is experiencing it now.

We all have to (and make ourselves) keep many balls in the air at the same time and we want to do it well. And there are only sixteen hours in a day; the other eight are really needed for resting. Sometimes only more work is added on and your head is overflowing.

That is stress, a full head, and if you have lost sight of the big picture and don’t experience moments of peace any more… then it’s as if the energy is being drained from your body or that this energy is no longer there to begin with. And you were always doing fine and everything always went so well… and all of a sudden everythings is getting too much and things are slipping through your fingers. A strange experience… and not nice at all.

Where is that reset button to become calm again… where is the ‘peace, purity and regularity button’, or where is that pill that can make you get grips on things again?

To set you straight and you already know this: there is no reset button or pill… but you can do it yourself, if you really want it!

Finding peace within yourself may be easier if you can talk with someone about it or if you get a couple of helping hands to bring back structure, so that you get a grip on things again and therefore can experience more peace.

Not having to do everything yourself this once.

No, I can’t help you get rid of your stress in a day; it didn’t come about in a day either. But I can guide you in experiencing more peace…, in your home and also in your head. I can help you, so that you can teach yourself to de-stress.

Don’t hesitate but ask your question, talking about it already helps and, who knows, I can help you along.