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Spring fatigue

Spring fatigue

Its origin lies in winter, even though we call it spring fatigue. But can one be tired!

Does it perhaps have something to do with having too much stuff in your house?
Too many things are a source of dust, all sorts of things are swirling through the air
and they settle somewhere.
On your things, amongst your things, it can even cause breathing problems.
Having stuff all over the place, nowhere a place to rest and unnecessary dust that suffocates you.

Could it be that you are tired because of the chaos around you?
Peace and quiet make you feel good, no more excess baggage, things you don’t need any more.

Hanging on to things is fine, if you do it consciously and if you give important things
an important place.
It’s such an shame if  everything is important.
If you often hang on to al lot of things, you may need them again?

Why do you hang on to the past so strongly?
All these things are your past…
Or do you like your things and can’t you do without them?

Have things become more important than people?

Moving your things may be convenient… for a while… but it doesn’t bring you peace of mind.
Go through your things! Grant yourself that peace of mind!
Treat yourself to a life without excess baggage!

Start living in the moment and give yourself peace while you’re still alive!
It’s a bonus that you even stay fitter, both in body and mind!
And if you can’t make a start by yourself, call me…