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Overcoming shame

Overcoming shame!

Your head is full, your house is full
and you’re struggling to stay on top of things

How did it get this far? Why can’t you organize yourself?
Others seemingly do it easliy, but you can’t get a grip on things?

You want a lot, you can do a lot, you have to do lot… says who?
There are only so many hours in a day…
You go on endlessly and you still don’t manage.

Don’t wait for the burnout, don’t wait to ask for help,
why muddle through and stand in your own way?

Nobody needs to know, nobody will know!
You just want to get your house in order and there’s nothing wrong
with asking someone else, someone neutral, for help.
Don’t ask family or good friends,
more often than not they are not free of judgment.

With me you can be yourself, I don’t think of anything
as odd or outrageous, and I don’t judge.
I only want to help you this once,
so that you can keep your own setting.
And after which you only have to readjust and never
have to tidy up again…
It can be done!
So many people have done it before you;
they have proven that it can be done!
And all the others don’t shout it from the rooftops either
and often they don’t want to talk about it ever again.

Don’t feel ashamed any longer and move towards a new future
without random noise…
so that you can focus on the fun and really important things in life.

Get over yourself and call me, I can help you! And nobody needs to know.