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For a long time I had been dreading the amount of clutter in the living room, both
commercial and 
private, that only seemed to be growing. And I had no idea where to begin.
It was too much and, as a matter of fact, I didn’t know
how and where to store everything.

I needed help! Nonsense! You wouldn’t hire someone for that! Yes, you would! Once
I had made the appointment WithAnk, a burden fell off my shoulders. And at the same
time I was really dreading it. Tidying up is no hobby of mine and I’m not good at it either.

Together WithAnk, who suggested to take it easy on the eve and the night itself, subsequently 
during an whole day and evening I made a good haul. She brought boxes and containers, and
yellow Post-it notes… how simple can it be ! And we went through all the piles, boxes, folders, etc. etc.
What can go, what do you want to keep and where, what can go to the thrift shop?
After a couple of hours I saw tremendous result. The room was getting emptier and emptier.

How wonderful it is to be tidying up like this!

Around 15.00hrs I was really fed up. Knackered, I was done. But that was not the plan!
Go on! And then it turned 17.00hrs, 18.00hrs and
Ank said “Arrange something to eat,
then we can keep going”. Pfffff….sigh!

Around 20.00hrs Ank – tired, I presume – went home and I – at the end of my powers – was glad
I had nothing planned for that evening. Broken!

It was to rave reactions. A happy husband, who had never been bothered by the fact that
for the bigger part the
room was filled with my stuff, but who was very happy with a tidy room.
My sister, who had never seen how big the room really was. It was a lot lighter now that there
was no more stuff in the window sill.
The evening after the day WithAnk, my husband and I
were having dinner at the table… 
And I had peace of mind and room in my head. Very nice,
with my always busy work.

A couple of months have passed. And although I’ll always be untidy and now and then
the couch will be filled with stuff,
tidying up is easier and quicker.

Now I’ll have to think whether I want to rearrange the room…

Thanks, Ank!


Stress & learning to de-stress

Stress & learning to de-stress

Who doesn’t know it?

Everyone has had to deal with stress or is experiencing it now.

We all have to (and make ourselves) keep many balls in the air at the same time and we want to do it well. And there are only sixteen hours in a day; the other eight are really needed for resting. Sometimes only more work is added on and your head is overflowing.

That is stress, a full head, and if you have lost sight of the big picture and don’t experience moments of peace any more… then it’s as if the energy is being drained from your body or that this energy is no longer there to begin with. And you were always doing fine and everything always went so well… and all of a sudden everythings is getting too much and things are slipping through your fingers. A strange experience… and not nice at all.

Where is that reset button to become calm again… where is the ‘peace, purity and regularity button’, or where is that pill that can make you get grips on things again?

To set you straight and you already know this: there is no reset button or pill… but you can do it yourself, if you really want it!

Finding peace within yourself may be easier if you can talk with someone about it or if you get a couple of helping hands to bring back structure, so that you get a grip on things again and therefore can experience more peace.

Not having to do everything yourself this once.

No, I can’t help you get rid of your stress in a day; it didn’t come about in a day either. But I can guide you in experiencing more peace…, in your home and also in your head. I can help you, so that you can teach yourself to de-stress.

Don’t hesitate but ask your question, talking about it already helps and, who knows, I can help you along.

Spring fatigue

Spring fatigue

Its origin lies in winter, even though we call it spring fatigue. But can one be tired!

Does it perhaps have something to do with having too much stuff in your house?
Too many things are a source of dust, all sorts of things are swirling through the air
and they settle somewhere.
On your things, amongst your things, it can even cause breathing problems.
Having stuff all over the place, nowhere a place to rest and unnecessary dust that suffocates you.

Could it be that you are tired because of the chaos around you?
Peace and quiet make you feel good, no more excess baggage, things you don’t need any more.

Hanging on to things is fine, if you do it consciously and if you give important things
an important place.
It’s such an shame if  everything is important.
If you often hang on to al lot of things, you may need them again?

Why do you hang on to the past so strongly?
All these things are your past…
Or do you like your things and can’t you do without them?

Have things become more important than people?

Moving your things may be convenient… for a while… but it doesn’t bring you peace of mind.
Go through your things! Grant yourself that peace of mind!
Treat yourself to a life without excess baggage!

Start living in the moment and give yourself peace while you’re still alive!
It’s a bonus that you even stay fitter, both in body and mind!
And if you can’t make a start by yourself, call me…




Overcoming shame

Overcoming shame!

Your head is full, your house is full
and you’re struggling to stay on top of things

How did it get this far? Why can’t you organize yourself?
Others seemingly do it easliy, but you can’t get a grip on things?

You want a lot, you can do a lot, you have to do lot… says who?
There are only so many hours in a day…
You go on endlessly and you still don’t manage.

Don’t wait for the burnout, don’t wait to ask for help,
why muddle through and stand in your own way?

Nobody needs to know, nobody will know!
You just want to get your house in order and there’s nothing wrong
with asking someone else, someone neutral, for help.
Don’t ask family or good friends,
more often than not they are not free of judgment.

With me you can be yourself, I don’t think of anything
as odd or outrageous, and I don’t judge.
I only want to help you this once,
so that you can keep your own setting.
And after which you only have to readjust and never
have to tidy up again…
It can be done!
So many people have done it before you;
they have proven that it can be done!
And all the others don’t shout it from the rooftops either
and often they don’t want to talk about it ever again.

Don’t feel ashamed any longer and move towards a new future
without random noise…
so that you can focus on the fun and really important things in life.

Get over yourself and call me, I can help you! And nobody needs to know.







Getting divorced happily

Getting divorced happily

Getting divorced happily, is that possible?
People say that a divorce causes suffering?
That is not always true.
You can get divorced happily!

Once you promised each another to be faithful to one other
and that you wanted to take care of each other.
That can be done in many ways, also seperately.

If there are children and if you want to take care of them,
you should do this faithfully as well.
Because of you too the child(ren) is(are) here, so you will guide
him or her until he or she can take good care of him- or herself.
That is possible if you make good arrangements.

Getting married was and is an action!

Why stay angry or stay at all, life is too short and too precious.
Grant yourself and each other respect and trust.
And if you prefer to experience this with a new partner or alone
it’s ok the way it is.

Don’t fight life but live your life!

Set an example for your child(ren)!

It demands work and it won’t always be easy. But…
go for a happy divorce!












A beautiful word for a beautiful beginning of the New Year.

Suppose you’ll nver have to tidy up again.
Suppose you’ll have more time for fun things.
Suppose your head can become empty again.
Suppose you have the intention to really go through your things.

Pressing ahead is an important decision in this matter…
Don’t postpone it and put it off any more.
Make a real appointment with yourself that you are going to do it.
Organizing… per drawer, per cupboard, per room.

Make that appointment with yourself…
And you’ll have a TOP year
With more peace and room for the really important things in life.

And if you don’t know how to tackle this and if you want to have things in order quickly.
Then call me and together we can move mountains!

As a result :

You’ll never have to tidy up again, only readjust

You’ll really have more time for fun things

You’ll have a lot more space inside your head again and therefore peace of mind.









When do we use our voice and when don’t we?

We work with it all day and we need it for all sorts of things.
All emotions are encapsulated in our voice, you can easily remark
that when you know somebody, you can hear sadness or joy or
any other emotion or just agitation in that person’s voice.

Only very well-trained voices can switch off those emotions in the voice,
because they have learned to play a role. It involves a lot of practice
in breathing techniques and vocalizations.
And it demands coaching.

Listen to top singers, who, to our ears, can sing so incredibly beautifully.
These singers too, in most cases, need a vocal coach who’s brought them
to this level and who takes care of the maintenance of the vocal instrument
or who is involved in the building-up phase of a trained voice in the making.

And all practice makes perfect, for you won’t achieve anything if you do
nothing. Something you give care to will grow,
so give it special care if you want to get better at something.

The sound we emit is important for the message we want to get across.
So if your message is clear, it then takes work on vocalizations,
adapted to what you want to say.

Listen critically to yourself. It may be a shock the first time around,
because you don’t know your own sound yet…but keep listening…
do you want to get your message across like this, do you think it will be received?

We can also listen together and, who knows, I might help you
make some progress in getting your message across.